Tuesday, November 15, 2011

cue whitesnake..."here I am again..."

i hope my 80's musical reference wasn't too random:) 

Well friends, it has been some TIME!!   Anywho, let me explain my absence and where i am... again.

SUBBING!? Yeah i won't get into the nitty gritty of how and why...
But, here I am.  I subbed for three years after getting my bachelor's degree before working as an instructional assistant and before I had my teaching degree.  It's a little weird to return to subbing in regular classrooms after five years!  BUT let me tell you, I LOVE subbing. For real, it's a great gig.  I have freedom from planning, grading, and real/prolonged discipline problems.  I get the chance to work with a daily variety of ages and learners and the opportunity to watch great teachers do their thing and learn from them!  It's rewarding each day to get to know new students, problem solve, present unfamiliar material and take each day as it comes.  Now if only subs were paid accordingly...

Which has kept me from blogging...where do i go from here?  My rough plan is to change format temporairily (until I get a full time art teaching job- cross your fingers!)  and blog about my own current art projects which I FINALLY have time/energy for, art lesson plans, and tips, pointers, observations on subbing both for classroom teachers and subs:)

For all my teaching friends who continue to fight the fine fight in inner city teaching, my hat goes off to you.

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  1. After a week of daily meatings, getting home at 7pm, one (idiot)parent-teacher conference, my early days of subbing look better and better.