Monday, February 20, 2012

An Artist A Day Keeps The Blues Away.

Like many folks these days, I have a customized google homepage with news, weather, blog updates etc. While searching through the 'gadgets' Google has available, I found Artist A Day.  A cool site that updates daily:) with contemporary artists and their typically unusual artwork.  As a recent long term high school art sub I FINALLY got to put this site to even better use than my own edification...
Artist: David Peterson
Student Questions: 
 What elements of art stand out most in this artwork?
What do you think the artist was thinking when he/she made this work of art?

Each day, I projected the site onto the SmartBoard at the beginning of the period.  Students had a standard two questions to answer which I changed according to what was relevant to our class.  Each day's response was worth just five points.  Some students earned more based on the sophistication of their answer. I chose not to dock points if a student was absent for a day or two.  However, for absences of 3+ days, students had to write a paragraph response when they returned.

It was a happy time when students came in, had a quick doable task, and mentally switched over to art while I got organized and took attendance.  Hope this is of use!