Friday, February 18, 2011

lesson plan: using a sketchbook

I developed this lesson for several reasons...  First of all I hoped students would form a bond with their sketchbook that they'll be using all semester.  I also wanted them to be comfortable writing, drawing and collaging in the same space.  And as an added bonus, students are exposed to the beauty and wonder of the world outside of their small community in the city through National Geographic.
As 7th and 8th graders I think it's really valuable for to take in new information and be able to utilize it, especially in their ART! 

This is Part One of the lesson.  Students are required to look through National Geographic magazines and find a picture of something beautiful, something weird, something scary and something they'd like to see in person.  Then they label the pictures accordingly and write a sentence or two about what they found.
I really love the thoughtfulness behind this student's responses:)
The above page is Part Two of the assignment...Students select a theme from a list and fill one entire sketchbook page according to their theme, combining words and pictures together.

I stress to students that, "you'll only get out of this lesson what you put into it!"  Some students get more out of it than others:)

Be ready for lots of discussion and noise as students discover weird, scary, awesome people/places/things outside of their comfort zone!  It's so fun to observe!

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