Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not yet a well oiled machine...

What have I learned in my two years of teaching in an urban (art) classroom?
 Be prepared.  Be very prepared.
 I'm posting some pictures of methods I've developed to deal with an assortment of issues.  Like new students transferring students returning from 3, 5, 7 days of 25 students vying for my attention not so students who may not know how to spend free time constructively

I put together this binder of information I go over as a Powerpoint at the beginning of the semester.  I am also making a student information sheet to fill out and that indicates that the student read and understands our rules/procedures.

Students check this binder when they return from an extended absence, read necessary information and complete worksheets, assignments, and/or extra credit to get caught up with concepts and the gradebook.  Reteaching entire lessons and days of instruction became very time consuming when the rest of the class still needs direction, assistance, and affirmation.

I am quickly closing all gaps which leave me open to students claiming they don't what is required/expected.  Saying it is not enough, so I cover my bases!

                                              A daily reminder taped to my desk:) 

How do you stay organized?

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