Monday, January 17, 2011

nerd alert...planning on my day off!

Each time a new semester begins I collect, reuse and create new tactics to introduce me, my room, my policies and ART:) This semester I had a brainstorm...create an all-in-one Powerpoint!  Already I feel better prepared/organized.  I will be UNABLE to forget fire drill info!  It's IN the powerpoint.  No more rereading my handwritten notes, shuffling overhead transparencies, handouts, etc!  Maybe this is a "Duh!" for some folks but it felt more like an epiphany to me.
Next up, creating a semester long planning matrix to ensure that I hit all standards from the state...and figuring out how to link documents to the blog.
Pictures to come shortly!  Students created some amazing 3D tennis shoes using plaster strips (less mess than I anticipated) and real shoes covered in saran wrap for molds after a visit from Van Monroe.

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