Friday, March 11, 2011

"Is I on the right track?"

As I am obviously not strictly speaking an English teacher,  I swooned when my student asked me this question.  Seriously.  Annoying grammar aside (I have bigger fish to fry!) it warmed the cockles of my heart to hear one of my pet phrases repeated in question form.  We're working on the Organic Shape/O'Keefe lesson plan that I wrote about earlier.  This time around it's a little tough going.  I realized after a couple days that students hadn't yet had the time in Art to build their self confidence in drawing or experience hard work paying off.  I began to start and finish my hints/suggestions/critiques with "you're on the right track."  Apparently, the phrase stuck!  In fact, a  few days later I again used this phrase with a new student.   I didn't have time to explain myself when he asked, "What?" in honest confusion before another student jumped in with a translation of my catch phrase:)  sometimes I feel like an honest-to-goodness teacher.

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