Friday, April 8, 2011

Breaks are great...spring break, winter break, thanksgiving, we ALL need to recharge.  BUT returning from break can be something of an ordeal.  I think the transition from home to school after more than a weekend away is especially rough for my students.  Knowing this, I try to teach a lesson that is all things to all people...quickly presented, easily understood, focused yet purposeful.  I like a lead-in lesson before we get into the next big lesson.  This leaves me free to handle classroom management, doesn't stress students out and gets everyone back into the swing of things.  I decided on a review/assessment collage for all my classes, a welcome change from 5 classes all working on different projects!  I have taught collage before but stressing overlapping and coating with  a layer of Mod Podge really made this project a success this time. 

Students had to cut out pictures from magazines displaying Line, Color, Shape and Texture- all the elements we've covered so far.  Then they had to find a picture of something beautiful, something cool, and something that defines what Art is:)  We displayed them on the chalkboard and wrote a postcard evaluating another student's collage.  Some nice aestheticism and assessment thrown in there for ya.  I handed out copies of student directions so students could work at their own pace and didn't need to rely on me for direction.

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